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Child welfare (dependency) cases are complex enough to usually require an extended prospective client consultation. To be able to intelligently advise a prospective client about their options, our firm will carefully take time to assess the case from all the many angles and perspectives of a dependency case. This may involve document review.

Some prospective clients who ultimately decide to not pursue legal remedies have found this initial consultation helpful because they are able to make an informed decision after carefully considering all the pros and cons, as well as the timeline and the best interests of the children. Sometimes simply understanding why and how the DCF case has reached a certain point brings some closure to what can be a frustrating and labyrinthine process.

Katie and Sarah enjoy exploring the best solutions and strategies and a consultation can help you explore whether our firm is the right fit for your to move forward. Call +1 (844) 624-2361 to schedule a consultation on your dependency case.

Attorneys Katie Jay and Sarah Campbell