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Parental rights were terminated. Now What?

Once all of the parents’ rights to a child have been terminated by the court, the child is legally “freed” for adoption. If you are the caregiver to the child and there are no competing adoptive applicants, you are likely close to finalizing your adoption! We recommend you hire at attorney who specializes in adoption so that you are informed of all your rights, which may include requesting an increase in adoption subsidy due to special needs. Jay & Campbell is experienced with these types of matters and we would love to assist you.

If more than one family wants to adopt a child, DCF will begin an administrative process with its Adoption Applicant Review Committee (AARC). Our firm has extensive experience with these types of cases and we welcome an opportunity to speak with you about your options. 

As you can see from the chart below, these cases can become quite involved and contentious, and we highly recommend you hire an attorney not only specialized in adoption, but in litigation practice as well.