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Child Welfare

Child Welfare, Foster Care, Dependency, Juvenile Court

Our firm has a special focus in representing, foster parents, caregivers and relatives trying to adopt children from the Florida foster care system. We have served as attorneys for the Florida Department of Children and Families, biological parents working towards reunification, and private adoption agencies. Our attorneys are trained as guardians ad litem, mediators, and we have also fostered and adopted children ourselves. Our 360 degree view of the child welfare system in Florida makes our firm uniquely qualified as a rapid response team that will help you navigate the often complicated and unpredictable journey through the foster care system. We finalize foster adoptions and advocate for prospective adoptive parents in interventions, subsidy negotiations and competing adoptive placements in dependency court. 


Every year new laws on adoption and child welfare are proposed. As advocates, we monitor proposed laws and coordinate with foster and adoptive families to ensure laws are child-focused. At Jay & Campbell, we believe that a robust analysis of a child’s best interests must include all the stakeholders, and we advocate for your voice to be heard.

FAQs About Foster Care (Dependency) & Foster Adoption: